Why Invisalign is the Right Choice to Fix Crooked Teeth

Hiding your smile stops here!

Orthodontic dentistry has come a long way in over two decades to help fix crooked teeth of children and adults alike.

Braces were and still are the most common treatment for misaligned teeth, but they require the patient to wear bulky metal wires and brackets in order to achieve that beautiful, straight smile. Brackets and wires aren’t the only fixings you get when you have to wear braces, depending on each case some have to wear headgear, rubber bands, or springs. But that’s not all – braces can take years to straighten your teeth!

If the thought of bulky hardware doesn’t appeal to you, then the clear choice is Invisalign teeth aligners!

Invisalign For Teens: Fixing Crooked Teeth Without Embarrassment or Limitations

A self-conscious teen who’s in need of orthodontic treatment is probably already experiencing social anxiety about their smile. But what happens when teens face the scrutiny of their peers for wearing braces?  

fixed crooked teethThe last thing a self-conscious teen needs is another focal point to put them under the microscope. That’s why Invisalign is the right choice for fixing crooked teeth. There’s no need to hide your smile while improving it. The clear aligners are practically invisible allowing teens to worry about their finals and not about their teeth.

With Invisalign, teens don’t have to limit what they eat or forego popcorn when they go to the movie with friends! Invisalign aligners give teens the freedom to eat what they want without worrying about food getting stuck in their braces. As long as you remove the aligner before you eat or drink, and then brush before you place them back on our teeth, teens have nothing to worry about. No limited diet here! You’re free to eat what you love.

We know that sports are a huge part of a teen’s life, and sports often mean contact with a ball or another person. With braces, you’ll end up with a cut up mouth. Without the need for brackets and wires, Invisalign makes sports of any kind easy on your smile.

Invisalign For Adults: A Career Friendly Choice To Fix A Crooked Smile

More and more adults are turning to orthodontic treatment to improve their smile, but they don’t want to revisit their school years with train tracks on their teeth! They want the benefit of fixing their crooked teeth without making it obvious that it’s being done.

If you’re an employee pitching a presentation to a board room full of people, you want to command the room you DON’T want your braces to derail your meeting.  As adults we have the power of choice, and adults choose Invisalign.

The Clear Choice For All Ages

Here’s why Invisalign is appealing to people of all ages:

  • Clear, almost invisible trays
  • Treatment that lasts only 6-18 months
  • Average cost of $5,000
  • No food restrictions
  • No mouth injuries
  • No painful adjustments
  • Removable Trays

Isn’t it time you contacted Penn Dental Family Practice and let Invisalign be the reason for your fixed crooked teeth?

Meet Dr. Dan Wulc!

Meet Dr. Dan Wulc,
an orthodontist and invisalign provider on the PDFP team!

We recently sat down with one of our newest dentists.  Dr. Dan Wulc is an orthodontist and certified Invisalign provider at our Bryn Mawr practice.  He’s also a proud native to the Philadelphia area!  If you’re looking for a way to straighten your smile, be sure to come out and meet this Philadelphia Invisalign provider at our upcoming open house!


Wulc_DanPDFP: Can you tell me a little about your background?

Dr. Wulc: I was born in Philadelphia and raised in Bryn Mawr.  I never really left the area. I got my bachelor’s degree in Swarthmore and then did my training at Temple for dental school and residency.  After I finished my training, I practiced in multiple practices throughout the Philadelphia area.  Philadelphia is my heart and soul.  


PDFP: What motivated you to pursue dentistry and, in particular, orthodontics?

Dr. Wulc: When I was younger, I had horrible teeth.  I had these huge buck teeth and I was really embarrassed about my smile.  For me, orthodontics was life changing.  It gave me confidence.  And that experience really stuck with me.  Ultimately, that’s what I’m hoping to do for my patients– to give them that same confidence.


PDFP: What are your special areas of interest within the field of orthodontics?

Dr. Wulc: I am interested in aesthetic orthodontics.  When people think of orthodontics, they usually think of your grandfather’s appliances, with brackets and wires… but the professional has really changed in the past 10-20 years.  There have been tremendous advances.


PDFP: What is your favorite part of your work as an orthodontist at PDFP?

Dr. Wulc: My favorite part is being a part of the Penn network, which has such history to it.  I love having the ability to collaborate with top dentists in the field and to be a part of that network.


PDFP: What makes Penn Dental Family Practice unique?

Dr. Wulc: I think it’s the fact that the Penn Dental Family Practice has all of the specialities within one network. It makes comprehensive dental care easier for patients, and that ultimately benefits them.  It really simplifies the process of obtaining full dental care.


PDFP: You have an Invisalign Open House coming up.  Can you tell me about that?

Dr. Wulc: On May 19th, we’re inviting everyone to the Bryn Mawr practice for a complimentary invisalign assessment. There will be prizes and discounts on treatment available.  For anyone who is even slightly interested in Invisalign, or who knows they want to learn more, this is an opportunity to get more information.


PDFP: You probably hear this a lot… but why Invisalign?  From your perspective, what are the highlights?

Dr. Wulc: I can’t even count how many times I hear this story: I had braces when I was younger, but since then my teeth have moved, but I refuse to get those brackets again.  So I’ll live with it.  Invisalign gives these people the chance to get their smiles back through an aesthetic option.  They don’t have to just live with it.  Invisalign opens treatment options to those who didn’t think it was available to them.


PDFP: What would you tell someone who is considering Invisalign, but not quite sure they’re ready to commit?

Dr. Wulc: We offer a complimentary invisalign consultation at Penn Dental Family Practice. During the consult, we outline the process and answer any questions they might have about Invisalign.  It’s really a great way for patients who might be on the fence to get a little more information.  


PDFP: What is something fun about you that your patients might not know?

Dr. Wulc: I love sports and following the Philadelphia sports teams.  My favorite sports to play to are tennis and golf  I actually played varsity tennis in high school, and we won two state titles in Pennsylvania.  I played in college too, NCAA division three, and we got the chance to play in Ireland and Italy.  


PDFP: What advice would you give patients and to readers of this blog?

Dr. Wulc: If you feel like you can’t confidently smile or you hide your teeth or when you laugh, there are new options available.  It might still be possible to get your smile back.  Don’t think that braces have stayed the same over the last 15-20 years.  A lot has changed.

Are you interested in learning more about Invisalign, or receiving a free consultation?  Don’t forget to stop by our Invisalign Open House on May 19th in Bryn Mawr.  You can meet Dr. Wulc, receive your free consultation, and have a chance to win prizes and even receive a potential discount on treatment!  RSVP today.