Meet Dr. Anadioti!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Meet Dr. Anadioti!

Meet Dr. Anadioti, a Prosthodontics expert on the PDFP team!

We recently sat down to talk with one of our dental experts.  Dr. Eva Anadioti is a prosthodontics specialist at our Locust Walk practice.  She works with teams of specialists to change her patients’ lives by helping them to improve their smiles in ways they never thought possible.  If an issue with your teeth is keeping you from smiling, be sure to come out to meet this Philadelphia prosthodontist at our upcoming Open House!

PDFP: Can you tell me a little about your background?
Dr. Anadioti: I originally come from Athens, Greece.  That’s where I went to dental school.  After I graduated, I moved to the US for a dual program that included a certificate in  Graduate Prosthodontics and a Master’s Degree focused on digital dentistry at the University of Iowa.  Then, I studied surgery for dental implant placement for a year at University of North Carolina.  Finally, before moving to Philadelphia, I was an assistant professor at Boston University, teaching pre-doctoral students.  Now, at Penn, I’m an assistant professor, the founding director of the graduate Prosthodontics program, and working at the faculty practice.

Meet Dr. Anadioti!PDFP: What motivated you to pursue dentistry and, in particular, your speciality?  
Dr. Anadioti: For dentistry, I think I was inspired by my dentist when I was still a high school student.  I went to a pediatric dentist.  I really liked the atmosphere there, my dentist was always joking with me, and everyone was very friendly.  I think that was the first inspiration.  Later, I realized how much of a rewarding profession it was.

For Prosthodontics, specifically… during my second year of dental school in Greece, we were working on fake teeth to learn how to do certain procedures.  When I prepared the first tooth for a crown, I fell in love with how clean and smooth it appeared.  I liked that you need to pay attention to the details, and my teachers encouraged me to pursue prosthodontics.   

PDFP:  How have you see your field or speciality change since you started?
Dr. Anadioti: Our speciality has changed so much the last 5-10 years.  The main change is digital dentistry.  All prosthodontic procedures can now be done using digital tools, which improves the accuracy, efficiency, and experience for patients!  When I started my master’s, those systems were new and not everyone was using them.  When I saw them, it was obvious to me that that’s where our field was going!  Now, we’re talking about changing all dental schools’ curricula to be digital, and I’ve helped push for that.  We really have the power to change people’s life with every tool possible.  

The second dramatic change has been the surgical portion.  Traditionally, prosthodontists didn’t do any surgery.  But, that didn’t make sense; we were putting together the entire plan for patients, but then didn’t place the implants ourselves.  Now, all prosthodontists in every program must be trained in placing implants.

PDFP: What is your favorite part of your work?
Dr. Anadioti: My favorite part of my work is changing people’s lives.  Not on a grand scale, necessarily, but even on a small one.  When people have problems with their teeth and their smiles, it affects their confidence; they don’t smile, and other people begin to think it’s their personality.  But it’s actually the other way around!  When my patients understand that they have options, their confidence can change, and then it does… they are able to show their true selves with a big smile.

PDFP: What makes Penn Dental Family Practice Unique?
Dr. Anadioti: PDFP is a private practice inside one of the best dental schools in the world.  That allows us to be completely up to date with new ideas, concepts, technologies, and techniques. We even help make some of those updates.  And, most of the people working here are teaching as well.  So, we have a better understanding of how to describe treatment.  Just like with students, we want to educate patients so they understand their treatment and see the value in it.  

We also have every speciality working in the same place.  My treatments require interdisciplinary care, and I have all of the other specialists right here!  I can just walk down the hall to talk with them.  Our patients receive the best possible, interdisciplinary care.

PDFP: You have an Open House coming up. Can you tell me about that?
Dr. Anadioti: It is an opportunity for interested patients and generally the public to come meet dental specialists, so they understand who we are and what we do.  They may not know the difference between our various specialities!  So, it’s good to come during this relaxed setting, to spend some time with us.  We can answer general questions they have, and even take a look to see their needs and discuss potential options.

PDFP: If someone is considering treatment for your specialty, but not quite sure they’re ready to commit… what would you tell them?
Dr. Anadioti: I would tell them that they have nothing to lose by coming for a consult!  If they feel they’ve had dental problems, or they don’t feel confident enough to smile or enjoy basic life activities because of their teeth, I would encourage them to come see a prosthodontist.  We can discuss their concerns and talk about options, without committing to treatment yet.  Our patients appreciate the well-rounded solutions we provide, and how we can improve their overall well being through our treatments.  “How come no one ever told me that!?” is the most common thing I hear during initial consults.  So I’d encourage anyone to see how different our way of thinking is, and how we can help them improve their smiles.

PDFP: What is something fun about you that your patients might not know?
Dr. Anadioti: I dance the tango– I have for years now.  It’s a difficult dance, but so beautiful.  Also, because I am from Greece, I love going back there to visit different islands each summer and enjoy the sun.

PDFP: What advice would you give patients and to readers of this blog?
Dr. Anadioti:  Smile as much as you can, because that makes you and everyone around you happy.  And if there’s any dental issue that doesn’t allow you to smile, come see me!
Do you wish you had more confidence in your smile?  Be sure to register now for your free consultation with Dr. Anadioti after our upcoming Open House!