Looking For the Best Dentist in Philadelphia? Next Stop: Penn Dental Family Practice

Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Looking For the Best Dentist in Philadelphia? Next Stop: Penn Dental Family Practice

When it comes to finding the best Philly cheesesteak or best Philadelphia, PA historical site, you’ll likely get multiple different answers. When it comes to finding the best dentist in Philadelphia, however, there is one place most people agree is a top destination for dental care: Penn Dental Family Practice.

At Penn Dental, we offer patients multiple dental specialties ranging from general dentistry and pediatric dentistry to oral surgery, prosthodontics, teeth whitening, and much more. Additionally, our doctors are highly trained, skilled, and knowledgeable in the latest and most innovative dental procedures.

Learn more about why people all over the region choose Penn Dental as their dental home.

Where is the Best Place to Get Dental Work Done in Philadelphia?

A male dentist wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) performs dental work for a patient. Anyone new to the Greater Philadelphia area or searching for the best dentist in Philadelphia—for themself or their family—wants to know the best place to go. This process often involves vetting a dental office to make sure they offer:

  • Variety of dental services
  • Affordable dental care
  • Friendly, professional, skilled dental staff
  • State-of-the-art technologies and approaches
  • Convenience in location and appointment times

Given this list of criteria, let’s take a look at how Penn Dental measures up.

Five Ways PDFP Showcases Some of The Best Dentists in Philadelphia

There’s a reason why our tagline is “Be treated by those who teach the next generation of dentists.” As we briefly mentioned earlier, not only do our Penn Dental doctors have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a variety of dental specialties, but they also instruct and impart their skill sets to a new generation of practitioners.

Take a look at five areas of dentistry that make Penn Dental stand out as the some of the best dentistry in Philadelphia:

1. Dedication to Dentistry

Close up of a young girl wearing glasses receiving dental work.You may be young or old. You might be interested in cosmetic dentistry or only want a general evaluation. You may be bringing your child in for a first cleaning or coming in for your own dental procedure. Regardless of who you are, your age, or where you come from, you should be able to tell that your dentist cares about you and your oral health.

Trust is essential to any provider-patient relationship. Your dentist trusts that you will provide all pertinent information when going through your medical history and symptoms. Likewise, you as a patient should trust that your dentist will only recommend the best available care methods for your needs. The top dentists share the same overarching goal: for you to be healthy.

2. Top-level Qualifications

You can typically verify a dentist’s qualifications and expertise on their dental practice website. Dentist profiles often display board-certifications and any advanced dental training and skills they have. You can also find information about the dental specialty services the practice offers. Some dentists may belong to national associations or come from prestigious schools.

Click here to see our list of doctors and their credentials.

3. Excellent Communication Skills

While education and training credentials are important factors, other characteristics are equally essential for dentists to have. In addition to providing direct oral and dental care, a dentist should take the time to discuss your condition and treatment options. They should explain the details of your specific dental condition, its severity, and which treatment will respond the best. Likewise, you should feel comfortable asking any questions you have and—in turn—receive clear and thorough answers.

4. Friendly and Accommodating Environment

A female dentist wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) provides dental treatment to a female patient. When you visit a practice, the relationship between the staff and patients should be evident right away. Do receptionists attend to you promptly and with a smile? Are the insurance and payment details taken care of upfront? Or, do you find out about costs due at the last minute? These details can make or break your experience at the dentist’s office.

Again, you can research online to see what patients have to say about a specific practice’s environment and hospitality.

5. Clarity Regarding Payments

Understanding the price of treatment is essential to all patients, especially for those on a tight budget. When evaluating a practice after your first visit, consider whether or not your dentist was clear about the costs of your procedures. Some of the best dentists in Philadelphia will make efforts to provide affordable options for patients who need them.

Even More Reasons to Choose Penn Dental

At Penn Dental Family Practice, our goal is to provide top-quality care, comfort, and support to every patient. Our dentists are some of the best in Philadelphia because of the compassion, thoroughness, and extensive experience they share in dental medicine.

In an effort to help you feel confident in choosing the best dentist in Philadelphia, we’d like to offer you a free local-dentist comparison chart. This helpful guide will allow you to see how Penn Dental Family Practice measures up with other local dentists, and assist you in making an informed decision.

Schedule an appointment. Or, contact Penn Dental Family Practice today, (215) 898-PDFP.