3 Questions Your Should Be Asking About Oral Surgery in Center City

Whether you’re having your wisdom teeth extracted, dental implants or another type of oral surgery, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

If you’re having oral surgery in or near Center City, here are a few questions you should be prepared to ask your oral surgeon. While these are general answers, your oral surgeon will provide you with the specific answer you need.

How should I prepare the night before?

  • The night before you should fast 8 to 12 hours before your procedure. Usually you shouldn’t eat or drink anything after midnight.
  • Your oral surgeon will give you the exact amount of time you need to fast before your procedure.
  • The night before or earlier, you should plan out your ride to and from your oral surgery; you most likely won’t be able to drive yourself hope.

What foods are safe to eat after oral surgery?

  • oral surgery in center cityThe foods you can eat after surgery may depend on the type of procedure you received, but generally you can eat soft foods, such as soup, yogurt, pudding, or smoothies.
  • Avoid hard foods such as, carrots or popcorn, at least 6-8 weeks after surgery.
  • Don’t drink out of a straw for the first 24 hours after your surgery.
  • Eat only room temperature foods after surgery.

How long does it take to recover from oral surgery?

  • Healing time varies depending on the type of procedure you received.
  • If you had a wisdom tooth extraction, it can take a few days to a week for the pain and swelling to subside.  It can take as long as a month for your gums to heal.
  • Dental implants generally take longer, but recovery time always vary from patient to patient.
  • Any type of jaw surgery can take a month or more of healing time.
  • Your oral surgeon will go over recovery instruction specific to your oral surgery procedure.

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