Enjoy Berwyn Invisible Braces Services for a Perfect Smile!

Looking for the Perfect Smile? Try Berwyn Invisible Braces Services!

At Penn Dental Family Practice, we believe that every person deserves to feel comfortable with their smile. So why would someone avoid receiving the dental care that would enhance their natural smile?

For some, it’s phobia. For others, it’s finding the time in a busy schedule. Orthodontic treatment may be avoided or overlooked because there is a misunderstanding regarding treatment options. That’s where PDFP on the Main Line in Berwyn’s invisible braces services comes into the picture!

It’s safe to assume that most people are familiar with traditional orthodontic treatment (metal braces), but there are other equally effective options out there. Invisible braces and lingual braces are innovative orthodontic treatments that perform similar functions as traditional braces. Lingual braces use the same structure of traditional braces but with the brackets placed on the inside of the teeth where they aren’t overtly visible. Invisible braces take a completely different approach with clear plastic aligners, which are custom made to fit over top of the teeth.

Benefits of Berwyn Invisible Braces Treatment

Our favorite features of invisible braces include:

  • They offer the shortest duration of any orthodontic treatment, typically lasting only 18 months (as opposed to the typical three years of traditional braces).
  • Invisible clear aligners don’t draw attention to the fact that you’re getting orthodontic treatment. No one at work or school will notice!
  • Aligners are replaced every two weeks with a slightly different set that gradually move your teeth closer to the desired position. For the patient, this means fewer trips to the orthodontist throughout treatment.
  • The patient can remove aligners to eat and drink (liquids other than water). Without all the metal and wires to clean every time you eat, it’s much easier to keep up your dental hygiene and reduce your chances of getting cavities during treatment.
  • Invisible braces are a highly-recognized treatment in the field of orthodontics that delivers excellent results every time.

At Penn Dental Family Practice on the Main Line in Berwyn, you can consult with top orthodontists in the field to decide which orthodontic treatment would work best for you. If Berwyn invisible braces are an option you’re particularly interested in, we encourage you to make an appointment with our invisible braces providers. This designation indicates our organizational expertise in invisible braces treatment, which includes certified training and recognized experience in applying invisible braces. At PDFP, your treatment is in excellent hands!

To schedule an appointment with one of our Berwyn orthodontists, please call our Penn Dental Family Practice offices: 215-898-PDFP (7337). Also, don’t forget to schedule your free invisible braces consultation!

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