Choosing the Right Orthodontics Dentistry: Braces, Invisible Braces, and More!

No two patients are alike, and each patients brings with them a distinct oral health history and set of treatment preferences.

At Penn Dental Family Practice, we are committed to providing our patients with personalised care. Patients generally have two options when pursuing treatment in orthodontic dentistry: braces and invisible braces, which each have a unique set of Pros and Cons.

Recommended Orthodontic Treatments: Patient Profiles

If you’re uncertain which type of orthodontic treatment is appropriate for your particular case, then we can help.The following list of general patient profiles can help you determine which treatment option is right for you.

  • Kids and Adolescents with Developing Smiles
    Kids and adolescents whose teeth and jaws are still developing typically benefit most from traditional braces. Treatments can begin as a young as six years old to hold spaces and perform early interventions. During adolescence, braces brackets, wires, and adjustable components can be added to ensure the proper development of a healthy smile.
  • Adults with Improper Bites
    Invisible braces are especially effective for adult patients who have never had braces. Invisible braces are fully removable and are made of clear plastic to give the appearance of natural teeth.
  • Time-Sensitive Patients
    Do you need to have your teeth straightened and your bite corrected within a given timeframe? For patients looking to conclude their orthodontic treatment quickly, invisible braces are recommended. Invisible braces treatments can be short as nine months, compared with the typical 24-26 months of traditional braces. It’s important to remember that compliance with your treatment instructions will affect your overall treatment time.
  • Hands-Off Patients
    Some patients prefer to limit their personal involvement in their treatment. For these patients, the removable and flexible nature of invisible braces can be a source of stress. The forced compliance of braces can be incredibly helpful for these patients. These permanent braces for adults may also be recommended for somewhat absent-minded patients or those living high-stress lives.

Because of the often visible nature of orthodontics, patients are particularly concerned with finding a treatment option that meets their needs and preferences. For a twelve-year-old patient, that might mean choosing the right braces colors. For an adult patient, it might mean ensuring that the orthodontic treatment is complete before a wedding date.

Whatever your needs or preferences may be, the dentists at Penn Dental Family Practice can offer treatment plan for orthodontic dentistry: braces, invisible braces, or otherwise! To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Penn Dental Family Practice today.

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