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The American Association of Orthodontics says children should receive an orthodontic check-up no later than 7 years old? Also, 80% of teens and 20% of adults are currently receiving orthodontic treatment with braces!

Pre-teens, teens, and adults alike are understanding the need for orthodontic care, and they’re starting as early as 6 to make sure oral health is a priority! Adults are taking back their oral health, and discovering that braces aren’t just for kids anymore. When you fill out the form on the right, you can begin downloading the complimentary ebook “ The Benefits of Visiting an Orthodontist: Why Making Your Bite Right is Good For You” and you’ll discover:

  • What types of dental issues require correction with braces.
  • How misaligned teeth are hotbeds for gum disease.
  • Why braces are important for preventing premature damage to teeth.

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