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General Dentistry

Everyone needs to see a general dentist, whether they have teeth or not.  Your dentist will do more than just check and clean your teeth; he or she will also check the soft tissue and screen for oral cancer and other potential problems.  So, whether you have a full smile, are missing some teeth, or wear dentures, we recommend that you visit your general dentist twice a year.

What Can Penn Dental Patients Expect?

When you first call Penn Dental Family Practice, we will typically schedule an appointment within a week, depending upon your needs.  If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, though, we will work to get you in right away.  Your initial visit will typically take about an hour.

During that visit, you will come in and meet with your general dentist of choice.  After initial introductions, your dentist will perform a comprehensive evaluation and talk with you about what your needs are.  Your dentist will also discuss what you can expect during any necessary treatments and any costs that may be associated with those needs.

From start to finish, our patients have a great experience working with their general dentists.

What Treatments Do General Dentists Offer?

A general dentist will perform all types of services, including:




Making Dentures

And more

Some of these services can be formed right there during your visit, while others require use of the lab and may require more than one appointment to complete.

What About Pain-Sensitive Patients?

At Penn Dental, we are dedicated to being attentive and in tune to all of our patients.  Everyone who walks through our doors is trusting us to be understanding and to provide great services without hurting them.  So, at the outset of any procedure, we ensure that our patients are comfortable and that they understand their procedure.

For patients with elevated anxiety, we have a number of other ways to help reduce fears and concerns.  These include sleep dentistry, sedation dentistry, and nitrous oxide, among others.  We have done a lot of research here at Penn Dental about the best ways to perform these services.  One of the new options we will be offering in the future is anesthesia administered through a nose drop.  This innovative option is at the forefront of administering local anesthesia and is just one example of our dedication to provide our patients with the best solutions in dentistry.

Is General Dentistry Covered By Insurance?

We accept most insurance plans here at Penn Dental Family Practice.  We file the claims and most insurance companies pay us directly.  We simply ask patients like you to be responsible for their copays, and any differences not covered by insurance.

As a courtesy we can perform pre-treatment authorization from your insurance company before your treatment starts.   We also have a financial coordinator on staff who is here to discuss costs with our patients before any services begin.

Although many patients are tempted to put off their visits to the general dentist, there is a high cost to procrastination. Dental diseases are progressive and will only get worse if left untreated.  At Penn Dental, we believe strongly in being proactive and taking care of small issues before they become big problems.

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