Get Your Complimentary Gum Disease Self-Assessment Today!

More than 47% of Americans have some form of periodontal disease, with millions remaining undiagnosed for years.

For people who suspect they have gum disease, this tool can be used to assess the seriousness of their condition. Inside, you’ll learn how gum disease develops and why. You’ll also get the chance to answer a series of 10 simple questions about your symptoms. Your results will help you decide how to take your next step.

If you answer NO to all questions, congratulations, you probably don’t have gum disease. But you should keep your new knowledge of these symptoms in mind when talking to friends or family members about their oral health. You may be able to give them solid advice at the right moment, and help them prevent an incipient gum disease from progressing.

The question section of this self-assessment should take you less than 5 minutes to complete. Learn more about gum disease and find out whether you need to see a periodontist all in one fell swoop! Fill out the form to download your complimentary copy today.

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