Answering your questions and concerns about braces.

Don’t let the unknown stop you from getting the smile you deserve!

At Penn Dental Family Practice, we understand that there is a level of concern regarding the unknown when considering orthodontic treatment. Our team at PDFP wants to reassure those considering braces by providing answers to the most common question and concerns.

Braces are the most common form of orthodontics treatment, and nearly 4 million people in the United States are wearing braces right now! When you fill out this form, you can begin downloading a complimentary copy of “Orthodontic Fact Sheet: What To Expect”, and get answers to the questions everyone has been asking:

  • Do braces hurt?
  • Are braces expensive?
  • How long will I have to wear braces?
  • Will I have to wear a retainer?

All these questions will be answered, along with a few interesting facts about braces and who’s wearing braces.

If you have more questions, or you want to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist today, contact us at 215-898-7337. We look forward to being a part of your journey to your perfect smile.

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