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How to Fix the Crooked Teeth on My Child

Are you a parent or guardian who is concerned about the oral health of their child? Parents often ask us, “How can you fix the crooked teeth on my child?” and we are here to provide solutions that will fit their lifestyle.

Let us begin with our pediatric dentists. Our pediatric dentists go to school for an extra 2-3 years to specialize in pediatric dentistry and psychology, allowing them to serve the needs of little ones, from infants to teens and those with special needs.

crooked teeth on my child

A pediatric dentist can often help in allowing your child to maintain good healthy teeth and gums, giving you at-home care advice and techniques. Your pediatric dentist can also work with your child’s orthodontist, who will help fix the crooked smile that your child proudly wears.

As far as your child’s first orthodontic visit, there is no set age. Some kids may start at 6 by using space maintainers while others begin at 10, going straight into brackets.Those who are older, in their teen years have some more options available to them due to the fact that they (should) have all of their permanent teeth and they are (hopefully) more responsible than 6 and 10-year-olds.

The communication between your child’s pediatric dentist and orthodontist will help decide which age is the best age for your child to start.

What can I do to prepare my child?

Schedule a visit with your pediatric dentist to discuss questions and concerns regarding your child’s crooked teeth. Your dentist may take x-rays and take notes to assess the necessity of the orthodontia.

You and your child will then have an opportunity to make an appointment with an orthodontist so they may explain treatment options and schedule treatment.

What type of braces will my child have?

For children 12 and under, the treatment is very limited as far as the style of braces. They will more than likely have metal braces, which are permanent and gives allowances for primary teeth to fall out and permanent teeth to grow in.

For those who are teens and more responsible, they may have the option of having invisible braces which are multiple sets of clear aligners that gradually shift your teeth into position. This is ideal for those who are concerned about the look of metal brackets and those who may be too busy with school or sports that they are not able to come in as often as those with metal braces.

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