Learn about the dramatic difference teeth whitening can make for your appearance!

Discover the dramatic difference teeth whitening can make!

Did you know that, according to a study commissioned by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and conducted by Wakefield Research that over a third of Americans are not happy with their smile? Unfortunately, too many people wait years before they finally take action to do something about it.

Teeth whitening is a way to drastically improve your personal appearance without taking on a huge commitment. It’s not without reason that teeth whitening is so popular among celebrities. It’s an instant upgrade!

We developed this eBook to accurately inform you what teeth whitening is, what the process entails, and what factors go into choosing the best option for you. In this eBook, you’ll also learn:

  • Why staining happens and how whitening combats it.
  • The pros and cons of in-office vs. at-home whitening. (Hint: it depends on what kind of staining you have).
  • What to expect at your in-office procedure.
  • What we do to maximize the effectiveness of your whitening treatment.
  • Why you should choose Penn Dental Family Practice as your whitening provider.

Penn Dental Family Practice is a leading provider of dentistry services and a trustworthy name in whitening and other cosmetic dentistry treatments. We strive to ensure every patient feels comfortable and satisfied with the outcome of their treatment.

Because we want all of our patients to be informed about their options in whitening, we’re offering this eBook free of charge. We hope it helps you make the right decision for you!

Don’t wait. Get the facts now so you can be on your way to a new and better you!

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