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Our Happy Patients

Penn Dental Family Practice Patient Patient

“Dr. Valenci has been my dentist at Penn Dental Family Practice for a relatively short time. However, he has become a valued person in my healthcare. Dr. Valenci has treated me for a very painful problem and saved my tooth. He worked out a plan to resolve the issue by setting up all the procedures needed. I have been a patient at Penn Dental Family Practice since its inception and Dr. Valenci is pleasant, helpful, and a great dentist. He always explains his actions as he treats me. Dr. Valenci is an excellent dentist and I am lucky to have him.”

Sienna Patient

Thank you so much for taking care of Sienna yesterday. She had a great experience with you. You did a wonderful job calming her down and teaching her about heathy dental habits.

She was so excited about her loose tooth after seeing you that she wiggled it right out last night! She said she wanted it out by school today so she could tell all her friends. Thank you for being so caring and compassionate with her!

Stephanie Patient

“Hi, I’m a patient of Penn Dental and Dr. Mastaj. I have a fantastic experience with invisalign. I am amazed with the transformation that my teeth have really gone through and I am not afraid to smile at all!”

Kathy Patient

“Hi, I’m Kathy. I’m an employee of the University of Pennsylvania and I’m a patient of Dr. Mastaj. I have been wearing my embrasures about 10 months now and I was amazed that after 6 months, my teeth were completely straight and all my spaces were gone. I am extremely pleased with the level of care that I received and the result I got as well. Thank you!”