Brace Yourself: Get Straight Teeth Fast Without Braces!

Saturday, February 6, 2016
Brace Yourself: Get Straight Teeth Fast Without Braces!

You don’t have to commit to braces to get straight teeth fast. Invisible braces may be the option for you!

Never got a chance to have braces as a teen? Or maybe you are a teen, and you don’t want a smile lined with metal? Or perhaps you are looking for a more cost effective way to get straight teeth fast? Well we’ve got news for you! Invisible braces may be the perfect option if you want to avoid the hassle of braces. At Penn Dental Family Practice, we can help you to straighten teeth without braces.

Why Invisible Braces are the Best for Getting Straight Teeth Fast

  1. It’s Faster Invisible braces can take as few as six months! So if you have a special event coming up, like a wedding or prom, and you want to get your pearly whites prepared, invisible braces might be the right option for you. Ask your dentist about the expected timeline for your treatment.
  2. It’s Safer Even though braces are a great option for many individuals, it can still be a pain (literally!) if a wire pops out of place or a bracket detaches itself. And when these emergencies happen, it can be difficult to take time out of your busy schedule to make it to your dentist’s office. With invisible braces, there are fewer emergencies because the treatment is just so simple! Each patient gets a set of retainer-like plastic trays that will shift his or her teeth to the proper place over time. Every two weeks, you switch to the next tray. No fuss!
  3. It Requires No Extra Tools Because you can remove the invisible braces, you can still brush and floss normally. And getting straight teeth without braces means that you can still eat all of your favorite foods without worrying about removing gummy snacks from your braces!
  4. It’s Greener Don’t worry, invisible braces won’t turn your teeth green! The truth is, bypassing braces for invisible braces is more environmentally friendly because it requires fewer drives to the dentist office and is more cost effective. In fact, if you aren’t sure you will be able to make it to the dentist regularly, at Penn Dental Family Practice our doctors and professional staff can have virtual appointments with you over Skype!
  5. It’s Whitening That’s right- you can even get whitening treatments while getting straight teeth fast! Ask your dentist about what options are available for making your teeth even more beautiful.
  6. It’s Secret No one even has to know that you are straightening your teeth. With invisible braces, the trays are clear and invisible, and even you will forget you are wearing them!

It is important to note that not every dentist and orthodontist is trained to work with invisible braces, so be sure to look for a dentist that has the right training to offer you a proper evaluation and effective treatment. At Penn Dental Family Practice, we will work hard to help you get straight teeth fast with the best treatment available. Make an appointment with us today to begin your path towards a better smile!

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