4 Philadelphia Dentist Tips For Holiday Healthy Teeth

Friday, December 9, 2016
4 Philadelphia Dentist Tips For Holiday Healthy Teeth

Beware of those sugar plums!

The holiday season is upon us! Along with the trees, presents, and twinkling lights are endless amounts of delectable sugary treats and spirits. During the holidays, we try so hard to keep our waistlines in check, but we never think about the damage that we can do to our oral health during these festive times.

Penn Dental Family Practice is the Philadelphia dentist that cares about your oral health even during the fun-filled season. While you’re out enjoying all your holiday parties be sure to consider these helpful tips.

Philadelphia Dentist Holiday Healthy Tips

Any time we eat sugary foods or drinks, bacteria in the mouth feed off the sugar, creating acids that break down the enamel of our teeth. The constant production of acid can make our teeth more susceptible to cavities and other oral health issues such as gum disease. While your days may be merry and bright during the holiday season, you might experience an increase in cavities because of all that holiday cheer. So check out these tips from a Philadelphia dentist who cares about your oral health during this joyful season.

#1: Beware of Hard Candy

Candy is right at your fingertips this time of year, but it wouldn’t hurt (literally!) to steer clear of this delicious confection. If you bite down wrong on hard candy you could crack your tooth. Ouch! If you must enjoy these delicious treats, let the candy dissolve and soften a bit before biting down.

#2: Be Cautious of Red Wine

If you’re a lover of red wine, keep in mind it can stain your teeth. Drink sparingly, switch to white wine, or consider eating while you drink your red wine to alleviate the effect it has on your teeth.

#3: Choose the Veggies

There’s always a vegetable tray at a party! Skip the sweet confections, and dive into that veggie tray. The American Dental Association says that raw vegetables like celery and carrots actually help clean plaque from your teeth and freshen your breath. You can also always alternate between a few sweet treats, and some healthy teeth-cleaning veggies at the party.

#4: Travel-Size Toothbrush

Carry a travel size toothbrush and toothpaste to combat cavities while you’re in the holiday spirit. If you can’t brush, be sure to rinse with water to wash away the food particles and those bacteria that feed on it.

When the festivities come to an end, come visit a Philadelphia dentist at Penn Dental Family Practice! We want to keep your teeth healthy all throughout the year! Contact us today!