Where Can I See a Dentist in Philadelphia?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Find the right place for dental care near you!

If you live in the city of Philadelphia, you know that there are certain times when it’s a good idea to drive in the city, and certain times when it’s not. You know the unique idiosyncrasies of your neighborhood and where all the important places are: grocery stores, doctor’s offices, schools, and all the places you need to go on a day-to-day basis.

Dentist’s offices are harder to find. Out in the suburbs, there are plenty of dentist locations where you can get your teeth cleaned, or orthodontist’s offices where you can get them straightened, or oral surgeons, where you can get your wisdom teeth taken care of. But in the city, it can be quite a daunting task to find a dentist in Philadelphia, and they can be hard to get to if you’re not nearby.

But did you know that Penn Dental Family Practice has two great locations that can provide all of the dental services provided above and more? Our Locust Walk and University City locations are accessible, close by, and can provide all the dental care you could ever need!

Looking for a Dentist in Philadelphia?

dentist in philadelphia
Locust Walk
: Our Locust Walk location is on the University of Pennsylvania campus, making it great for students, faculty, and anyone living on or near campus. The office is located inside the Schattner Center, near St. Mary’s Church and 40th St. The office is also right next to the Levy Oral Health center, which happens to make it a convenient location for our doctors, too! Because the Shattner Center is just two blocks south of Walnut Street and only a ten-minute walk from the heart of University City, Locust Walk is near several SEPTA stations and is a great choice for anyone looking for a dentist in Philadelphia.

University City: The office in University is PDFP’s newest location and perhaps the most convenient, right on Market Street in the middle of bustling University City. The office is right between 38th and 36th, making it right in the middle of downtown Philly. Whether you work there or are just passing through, this office is accessible and easy to find. There are multiple SEPTA stations nearby and so many other reasons to visit Market St, so the University City location is a great choice for a dentist in Philadelphia for a quick visit in the middle of the day, or an early-morning appointment before work or school downtown.

If you are looking for a dentist in Philadelphia and either can’t find the time to get all the way out to the suburbs or can’t squeeze in an appointment before work or school because you live downtown, consider coming to one of our great locations for dental care in Philadelphia. Penn Dental Family Practice can get you the care you need in a place that is convenient for you. Give us a call today at 215-898-PDFP to schedule your first appointment today.