The Price of the Perfect Smile

Monday, May 22, 2017
The Price of the Perfect Smile

Improving your smile is priceless.

As a child did you need orthodontic treatment, but your parents couldn’t afford the price tag?

As an adult you can understand why your parents made the decision they did, but do you still need orthodontic treatment?

The answer is yes! The necessity for orthodontic treatment as a child doesn’t disappear simply because you’re an adult. A lot of adults realize an aesthetic, healthy smile is as important in adulthood as it was in childhood. Between 2012 – 2014, adults seeking orthodontic treatment increased to 16%, and 27% of orthodontic patients are 18 years old and older. Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for kids anymore.

In fact, getting orthodontic treatment as an adult can have its benefits, and they can come in the form of invisible braces! With invisible braces, you receive the treatment you need without drawing unwanted attention. Even though you understand the importance of a healthy smile you’re still probably wondering how much do invisible braces cost?

Beyond the Cost of Invisible Braces

While the price of invisible braces can play an important role in your decision-making process, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Invisible braces are making orthodontic treatment possible for adults with the added benefits of comfort and convenience. Below are 5 reasons why invisible braces may be right for you.

  • how much does invisalign costAppearance – Traditional metal braces have eye-catching brackets and wires, but wouldn’t you rather have others notice your smile rather than the hardware that’s improving it? With invisible braces you won’t draw attention to your orthodontic treatment in progress. The truth is that invisible braces only change your appearance in the best possible way.
  • Healthier Smile – Whether you’re experiencing overcrowding or uneven tooth spacing, all misalignment problems will eventually cause serious dental issues such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. Straightening your teeth removes the source of the problem, leaving you with a healthier smile.
  • Comfort – Remember those brackets and wires that make braces possible? They’re not very comfortable. On the other hand, invisible braces have a clear smooth surface that won’t cause damage to your mouth. And unlike conventional braces, you can remove invisible braces for brief periods of time if you want to eat, drink, or need a break from your aligners.
  • Treatment Time – Conventional braces need to be worn 24/7 for up to 3 years. Invisible braces can give you the results you desire in as little as 9 months.
  • Easier Cleaning – Your daily oral health routine may require a bit more attention with metal braces. Those pesky brackets can get food lodged in there and make it more difficult to clean. Not to mention certain foods should be avoided when wearing braces. With invisible braces, you won’t experience these issues. Brushing and flossing your teeth is easy, and cleaning the aligner is a low maintenance job.

Understanding the Price of Invisible Braces

The price range of invisible braces can be anywhere between $3,000 to $8,000, depending on your orthodontic needs and insurance coverage. Visiting your orthodontist will give you a better idea of what the cost of invisible braces will be for you.

For more information about invisible braces, please contact Penn Dental Family Practice. We’re happy to answer your questions.