Why Tooth Straightening Will Make You Smile Again

Friday, July 21, 2017
Why Tooth Straightening Will Make You Smile Again

Give your smile an upgrade with these orthodontic options.

What’s your first impression when you see someone with crooked teeth? Do you imagine that crooked teeth could affect someone’s social life? Career? Love life? Success? Can straight teeth really give you an edge in these areas of your life? The answer is yes. At least that’s what many of the 1,047 respondents said in a survey comparing those with crooked teeth and those with straight teeth.

Nearly 29% of Americans say that teeth are the first thing they notice when meeting someone for the first time. It appears that those with straight teeth have the advantage over their crooked teeth counterparts. According to the survey, people thought that those with straight teeth are:

  • tooth whitening45% more likely of getting hired
  • 57% more likely to get a date based on their picture alone
  • 58% more likely to be successful
  • 58% more likely to be wealthy
  • 73% more likely to be considered trustworthy
  • 47% more likely to be viewed as healthy

Consider taking advantage of these advantages with tooth straightening!

Get the Smile You’ve Always Wanted With These Tooth Straightening Options

If you’ve ever considered giving your smile an upgrade, but you’re not sure what your options are, read below to discover the ways you can turn your frown upside down

Traditional Braces

When people consider tooth straightening, most people think traditional metal braces, and there’s a reason why- it works!

Traditional metal braces have brackets that are attached to the teeth, archwires that are connected to each bracket guiding your teeth into correct alignment, and elastics or rubber bands that hold the archwires to the brackets.

Metal braces are a great orthodontic treatment for people of all ages. However, if you have younger children who aren’t thrilled about orthodontic treatment, traditional braces may be a good way to ensure that the treatment is continuous. Metal braces offer a 12-24 month pseudo-permanency making it impossible for children to lose or misplace their braces.

Other benefits of conventional braces is that they are preferred for correction of more severe misaligned jaws and crooked teeth. Conventional braces tend to be the least expensive orthodontic treatment, but this largely depends on the specific plan for your orthodontic therapy.


Invisalign is a less invasive and less noticeable way to upgrade your smile. Instead of conventional metal braces, Invisalign uses clear aligners to align your smile. Everyone is drawn to Invisalign for the noticeable way that others don’t realize you’re utilizing a tooth-straightening device.

Teens and adults love Invisalign clear aligners because it gives them the freedom to remove the aligners when they want to eat, drink, or just take a break from wearing them. Aligners also have the added benefit of not drawing attention to your smile until the right moment.

The cost of Invisalign can be slightly higher, but your treatment time is less than conventional braces. Treatment can last anywhere from 9-18 months and requires fewer visits to your orthodontist.

If you’re unsure of what option best suits your needs, please contact Penn Dental Family practice to make an appointment. Our orthodontists will give you a diagnosis to determine the best direction for your orthodontic needs.