How a Dedicated Toddler Dentist Can Make Your Life Easier

Monday, July 31, 2017
How a Dedicated Toddler Dentist Can Make Your Life Easier

Trust A Toddler Dentist With the Baby Teeth

Unfortunately for the health of their teeth, many toddlers and young children have a fear of the dentist. This fear can come from many places, such as cartoons with negative portrayals or stories from peers, siblings, and even parents. Sometimes, this can make your job as a parents that much harder, because your child is afraid of one of the most important facets of their hygiene.

This is where a specialized toddler dentist comes in. With the knowledge and the training to handle young children, a pediatric dentist can help your child feel safe in the dentist’s chair and even help them enjoy their trips to the dentist. That’s because a pediatric dentist isn’t just a general dentist that sometimes works with children. They’re experts in the field of pediatric dental health, and they do things a bit differently. Here’s how.

How Can a Toddler Dentist Provide Better Care?

toddler dentistA pediatric dentist that specializes in young children, like the dentists on our team at Penn Dental Family Practice, can provide better care for your kids than a general dentist can. Here’s what a toddler dentist can do that your general dentist doesn’t:

  • They have knowledge of the special care that young teeth need. Pediatric dentists go through an additional two to three years of schooling beyond getting their degree in dentistry, and these years are dedicated to learning about young teeth: how they grow, how they are lost over time, and how to take care of them for all the years in between. This additional knowledge makes all the difference when it comes to cleaning and protect your child’s teeth.
  • They can help your child feel comfortable. A pediatric dentist, after they have gone through their years of schooling to become one, is a dentist that (typically) sees only children for their whole career. In those years of practice, they’ve become pros at making children feel comfortable and safe in the dentist’s chair. A good toddler dentist can have a toddler laughing and smiling the whole time!
  • They work with children because they want to. A general dentist may may or may not be gifted at working with children. A pediatric dentist, however, sees children exclusively, all year round, because it is their choice, and that means they do it because they love it. Nothing is better than getting service from someone who is passionate about their job.

If you think your toddler might benefit from the switch to a pediatric dentist, give us a call today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you decide where to bring your little ones for dental care.