It’s Not Too Late! A Simple New Year’s Resolution From Your Dentists In Philly

Wednesday, January 3, 2018
It’s Not Too Late! A Simple New Year’s Resolution From Your Dentists In Philly

Make up for lost time with these simple tips for making your new year a healthier one!

dentists in phillyAre you someone who likes the idea of New Year’s resolutions but you never seem to come up with any? And by the time February comes around you’ve already gotten back into your normal routine, so why bother?

Well, according to the American Psychological Association, the best way to make healthy changes in your life is to start small, adding them gradually into your daily life so as to make your goals more attainable. This means you don’t need a drastic resolution in order to improve your life this year!

Today we want to offer a simple but very important resolution suggestion from your local dentists in Philly:

Practice good oral hygiene.

You might be thinking, “Well I knew that was coming.” But wait! Hear us out. Think about all of the parts of your life that are affected by your dental health.

The most obvious might be your eating habits. Ask yourself: Can you eat without any pain or difficulty? Do you want to keep being able to eat normally?

And how about your social life? What you can eat, how your teeth look, what your breath smells like, all of these can determine whether or not you’ll be able to confidently engage in social activities. There’s no way you want to jeopardize that.

Lastly, consider the fact that your dental hygiene affects the rest of your body’s health. And vice versa. If you are a man, you are more likely to experience dental disease.  If you are predisposed to certain diseases, like diabetes, you may be at further risk for oral health issues.  No matter who you are, bettering your overall health by focusing on dental health is a win-win situation.

3 Practical Ways To Fulfill Your Resolution From Dentists In Philly

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Our team of dentists in Philadelphia suggest you start with your main tool: your tooth brush. Buying a soft-bristled toothbrush with a smaller head gives you the best chance at reaching every tooth to clean away debris and plaque.

3 out of 4 adults report that they don’t change their toothbrushes as often as they should. The best dentists in Philadelphia recommend you buy a new toothbrush every 3-4 months. You also want to make sure that you store your toothbrush in an upright position and separate from other household member’s toothbrushes so as to cut down on growing and sharing bacteria or illness.

When you go to use your toothbrush, you might already know how to brush, but are you sure you’re getting at right spots in your mouth? It is imperative that along with brushing your teeth, you make sure you brush your gums, your tongue, and even the roof of your mouth. Dentists in Philly say that by covering all of the bases, you are less likely to grow bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath and other dental issues.

Finally, how often are you seeing your dentists in Philly? To get your best chance at good oral hygiene, you want to make sure you see a dentist at least twice a year.

If you’re looking for a dental office that can help you keep your New Year’s resolution, might we suggest that you make an appointment at Penn Dental Family Practice? We would be glad to support you with any treatment or tips that will cultivate good oral hygiene in 2018 and for the rest of your life!

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