What to Look for When Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

Wednesday, February 5, 2020
What to Look for When Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

Five Facts You’ll Be Glad to Know About Visiting the Pediatric Dentist

It’s quite normal for first-time parents to have hundreds of questions when it comes to their child’s first dental visit. One of the most common and important questions is: How do I know which pediatric dentist is best for my child? At Penn Dental Family Practice, we make it our mission to help families like yours feel comfortable and prepared when establishing a dental home.

If your search for a pediatric dentist in Philadelphia has you fraught with worry or uncertainty, we hope to ease your mind by sharing our thoughts on what’s most important to look for. Find out where to go for safe, comprehensive, and friendly pediatric dental care for children and how to create a healthy dental foundation for your child.

Why Should Your Child Visit a Pediatric Dentist?

While general dentists have several years of educational training and practice, pediatric dentists are required to meet additional requirements. Typically, a pediatric dentist undergoes two to three additional years of specialty training after completion of dental school.

During their specialty training, pediatric dentists learn how to provide optimal oral care to treat children of all ages — from infancy through their formative years. This includes learning how to provide personalized care for each stage and phase of childhood. The pediatric dental specialty enables dentists to offer a variety of approaches to address any number of dental conditions experienced by children.

In addition to offering a breadth of treatment approaches, pediatric dentists are instrumental in your child’s preventative dental health. This is why it’s important to establish a relationship between child and dentist early on. A pediatric dentist can spot many dental issues before they develop into more serious conditions.

Deciding Which Pediatric Dentist is Best

In addition to a strong educational background, there are other indications to consider to find the best pediatric dentist for your family.

Take a look at five considerations that have helped guide many families in choosing the perfect pediatric dentist:

  1. Dedication to Comfort. New places and spaces can be intimidating for children and their parents. At PDFP, our dentists and hygienists are skilled and practiced in each unique developmental stage of childhood. Babies and toddlers can sit on their parent’s lap during the visit.
  2. A friendly male pediatric dentist shows an African American preschoolers wearing a yellow shirt how to brush her teeth. Commitment to Individual Needs. Whether children suffer from anxiety or special developmental, physical, or emotional needs, it’s important to consult with a pediatric dentist who can address each issue compassionately and effectively. They must be adaptable to the specific needs of your child. The dentists at PDPF have expertise working with children for whom English is a second language and those with special needs.
  3. Comprehensive Dental Services. It’s important to find a pediatric dentist who can provide age-specific dental care. Each stage of a child’s development comes with different oral health risks. Preventative care cleanings, fluoride applications, and orthodontic treatment are examples of pediatric care offered at PDFP. Because we have a variety of dental specialties available under one roof, your child can receive care from other specialists if needed.
  4. Convenience. Parents need as much flexibility as possible. When you can find a dental office close to home, it’s easier to schedule appointments into your life. PDFP offers locations in Locust Walk and University City to accommodate busy families.
  5. Communication. When it comes to your child, you need to be able to speak openly and honestly. It’s equally important to partner with a dentist who reciprocates thorough communication. You should always feel comfortable asking questions and expressing any concerns you may have with a pediatric dentist. At PDFP, we prioritize patient education. Our pediatric dentists want you to feel confident and informed when making decisions about your child’s oral health.

When to Book Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

After selecting a pediatric dentist, it’s important to make sure you book your child’s initial dentist appointment by your child’s first birthday. When scheduling an appointment, be sure to pick a time of day when your child is well-rested and has a full stomach. This will likely reduce opportunities for fussiness and anxiety (for both of you).

At PDFP, our pediatric dentists are renowned in their field for offering comprehensive, advanced dental approaches and as leading educators at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

To schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric dentists, please give us a call at 215-898-7337.