Attention 3-year-olds! Time to See Penn Doctors!

Friday, September 4, 2015
Attention 3-year-olds! Time to See Penn Doctors!

Teething is a nightmare; taking care of those teeth doesn’t have to be.

A Parent’s Confession

Teething. Like other daunting aspects of becoming a parent, I shrugged it off. How hard could it be?

And then my darling baby turned 4 months old. Gone were the 12-hour nights of rest. Gone were the happy afternoon playtimes. They had all evaporated, like Coca Cola when boiled: leaving only a dark, sticky, stinky mass behind. As traumatizing an experience as that was, it brought up a lot of good questions. How do I help this tiny, drooling human navigate the painful process of getting his teeth? What can I do to educate him to care for his pearly whites? Can I do better than my parents did?

How Penn Doctors Can Help You Educate Your Child on Proper Dental Care

At a young age, you can take your child to the dentist. Penn doctors are there to help educate you and your child. The Penn Doctors who are pediatric dentists, are highly-trained professionals, skilled in communicating with and educating children from a very young age.

3-years-old is generally the prime age to bring your child in for the first time. Why 3? Usually, by the age of 3, your child will have their first 20 “baby teeth.” When our children are little, we do everything. Literally, everything. To the point where we we may find ourselves exhausted and worn to the bone. When our children turn 18, we expect them to do everything. Well, we hope they can do everything on their own. The disconnect comes somewhere in between. At one end they know nothing, and can do nothing on their own; on the other end, they are supposed to be entirely autonomous. Fortunately, there are teachers and friends and siblings and you, all ready to help merge these two phases together.

Educating your child is key, and don’t be afraid to let others do the educating for you. Penn Doctors are the expert educators, and realize the importance of teaching proper dental hygiene habits to your child. A Penn Doctor can walk your child through his/her first dentist’s appointment, which is essentially a non-invasive exam. With a pleasant experience and a smiling doctor, your child will want to come back. Mission accomplished.