How to Have Straight Teeth for the Whole Family

Monday, October 5, 2015
How to Have Straight Teeth for the Whole Family

Improve your smile, without losing it in the process.

It starts with a picture of you. Whether it be a selfie, photo-booth, or formal portrait, we all want the same thing: a beautiful smile. Time, poor genes, and staining substances can wear away at that beautiful smile. Unfortunately, many people choose to hide their smiles, rather than get painful metal braces. And it’s understandable. At 11, braces can be cool. At 21, braces are less cool.

Imagine a family portrait with no uncomfortable, awkward smiles. Make your dreams a reality with Penn Dental Family Practice. If you’ve ever wondered how to have straight teeth, look no further.

How to Have Straight Teeth for Everyone with Invisalign

If living with a mouthful of metal is not for you, try Invisalign.

Mothers sacrifice so much. When your basic daily shower is a refuge, a temporary tower of solace, it just isn’t doable to wear braces for years on end. Time is measured one coffee scoop at a time, but Invisalign can straighten teeth in as little as 6-8 months! Pampering and practicality are not mutually exclusive with Invisalign.

Whether your career is rocketing along or momentarily plateauing, give it a boost with Invisalign. A better smile really is achievable, and it’s never too late.

College is hard, too. The exciting thing is the option to re-make yourself, to become the best version of you. Why not straighten your teeth quietly with Invisalign?

No matter your age or occupation, if you’ve never had the experience of having straight teeth (or if it’s just that the constant discomfort is too distracting from day to day), Invisalign has the following perks:

  • Comfort

    • Instead of correcting all teeth at once, each apparatus corrects a few teeth at one time.

  • Security

    • No worries about a metal smile. Invisalign is discreet.

  • Guarantees

    • Penn Dental understands that it’s easy for teenagers to lose liners. They will replace up to six for free. Also, if you decide within six months that it’s not a good fit for your teenager, Penn Dental will install metal braces for free.

  • Working through the Challenges

    • No time? The doctors are more than willing to work with your busy schedule.

    • Difficulty remembering to wear them? Between potential Skype appointments, education, and the option of reverting to older liners, all of our resources are at your disposal.

If you’ve wondered how to have straight teeth, Penn Dental Family Practice is there to help, no matter your age or position in life. Your smile is beautiful, you don’t have to be afraid to show it.

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