4 Necessary Elements for an Exceptional Pediatric Dentistry Experience

Friday, June 10, 2016
4 Necessary Elements for an Exceptional Pediatric Dentistry Experience

Much more goes into choosing a dentist for your child than you may realize. It’s important for your child to have a positive experience, so don’t just pick the first one you see!

When considering the right dentist for your child, there are four distinct elements necessary for a good pediatric dentistry experience. Make sure your pediatric dentist has all four.

Four Things to Look For When Selecting a Pediatric Dentistry Office


Much goes into the dynamics of a child’s early formed opinion of the dentist. If getting to the dentist is difficult and you are stressed, your child will intuitively pick up on the stress cues. Perhaps the office you have chosen requires a long, tense ride on a public transit system or has the absence of convenient parking. These issues will only add to the exhaustion and fear of going to the dentist.

Strongly consider the location of your pediatric dental office when choosing which one will best fit your family:

  • Is the office close to you or your child’s school?
  • Do they have convenient parking options available?
  • Will the mode of transit to and from only produce more confusion and stress for you and your child?
  • It is also important for you to consider the financial aspect of the pediatric dentistry practice you choose.
  • Do they accept your insurance?
  • Do they provide any flexible payment plans? We know that cost is a major deterrent for dental care. According to Everyday Health, 44 percent of people surveyed were not visiting the dentist because they don’t have dental insurance.

Never underestimate the importance of atmosphere in your child’s dental experience. A dental office that caters to the visual needs of a child will help keep him relaxed and calm. Does the dental office in consideration have a calming environment? Is the office conscious of a child’s age, interests, and attention span? Make sure the pediatric dentist you choose makes these aspects a priority.


Possibly the most impacting on your child’s dental experience, the ability of your pediatric dentist and staff to connect with your child is highly important. Does the staff show kindness and patience to your child? Do they understand the fears that may arise and how to calm them? Is the pediatric dentist good with kids? This is important! Children are experts at sensing the emotions and motives of others. They will instantly know if they are not wanted or respected. Make sure that the dentist treating your child has a desire to work with children that shows through in her care.


You may have considered scheduling your child with a general dentist for her oral care. However, pediatric dentists receive 2-3 more years of schooling specializing in the dental care of children. Their training involves understanding the psychological aspects of treating children, from fears, anxiety, behavioral challenges, and even special needs cases. Does this dentist continue to further his education and improvement within the practice. Are they a member of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry? Do they use the newest technology available? Also, the pediatric dentistry office you visit should provide you with thorough education and knowledge about the at-home care of your child’s teeth through all stages of development.All of these questions are important to ask when deciding on a pediatric dentist. As Parents Magazine suggests, have a list of questions to ask before and after your dental visit.

At Penn Dental Family Practice, we have developed our practice to meet the needs of each of these parental concerns. Penn Dental Family Practice provides a network of 35+ dentists that are among the top in the nation. We are experts in pediatric dentistry, here to provide you and your child with a calm, enjoyable experience, while efficiently handling all of your oral care needs.

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