Why Invisible Braces are the Right Choice to Fix Crooked Teeth

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Why Invisible Braces are the Right Choice to Fix Crooked Teeth

Hiding your smile stops here!

Orthodontic dentistry has come a long way in over two decades to help fix crooked teeth of children and adults alike.

Braces were and still are the most common treatment for misaligned teeth, but they require the patient to wear bulky metal wires and brackets in order to achieve that beautiful, straight smile. Brackets and wires aren’t the only fixings you get when you have to wear braces, depending on each case some have to wear headgear, rubber bands, or springs. But that’s not all – braces can take years to straighten your teeth!

If the thought of bulky hardware doesn’t appeal to you, then the clear choice is invisible braces!

Invisible Braces For Teens: Fixing Crooked Teeth Without Embarrassment or Limitations

A self-conscious teen who’s in need of orthodontic treatment is probably already experiencing social anxiety about their smile. But what happens when teens face the scrutiny of their peers for wearing braces?

fixed crooked teethThe last thing a self-conscious teen needs is another focal point to put them under the microscope. That’s why invisible braces are the right choice for fixing crooked teeth. There’s no need to hide your smile while improving it. The clear aligners are practically invisible allowing teens to worry about their finals and not about their teeth.

With invisible braces, teens don’t have to limit what they eat or forego popcorn when they go to the movie with friends! Invisible braces give teens the freedom to eat what they want without worrying about food getting stuck in their braces. As long as you remove the aligner before you eat or drink, and then brush before you place them back on our teeth, teens have nothing to worry about. No limited diet here! You’re free to eat what you love.

We know that sports are a huge part of a teen’s life, and sports often mean contact with a ball or another person. With braces, you’ll end up with a cut up mouth. Without the need for brackets and wires, invisible braces makes sports of any kind easy on your smile.

Invisible Braces For Adults: A Career Friendly Choice To Fix A Crooked Smile

More and more adults are turning to orthodontic treatment to improve their smile, but they don’t want to revisit their school years with train tracks on their teeth! They want the benefit of fixing their crooked teeth without making it obvious that it’s being done.

If you’re an employee pitching a presentation to a board room full of people, you want to command the room you DON’T want your braces to derail your meeting. As adults we have the power of choice, and adults choose invisible braces.

The Clear Choice For All Ages

Here’s why invisible braces are appealing to people of all ages:

  • Clear, almost invisible trays
  • Treatment that lasts only 6-18 months
  • Average cost of $5,000
  • No food restrictions
  • No mouth injuries
  • Removable Trays
  • No painful adjustments

Isn’t it time you contacted Penn Dental Family Practice and let invisible braces be the reason for your fixed crooked teeth?