Are You A Vitamin D Expert?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017
Are You A Vitamin D Expert?

Vitamin D’s Powerful Properties

How much do you know about vitamin D? Are you aware of the powerful effects that that vitamin D has on your body? Do you know about what happens in your body when it is deficient in this essential nutrient?

Vitamin D for TeethBesides vitamin D for teeth and bones being important, as is generally known,  you’ll soon learn how many other aspects of your well-being depend on this nutrient.

Take this quiz to test your knowledge on this amazing vitamin. We promise you’ll learn new facts along the way!

  1. Your body can absorb Vitamin D through windows.



  1. People with low levels of vitamin D double their risk of premature death.



  1. Which of the following is NOT implicated by low vitamin D levels?

A. Breast cancer

B. Multiple Sclerosis

C. Communication problems

D. Down’s Syndrome

  1. Vitamin D has incredibly powerful effects on our body. Which of the following are NOT improved by a healthy intake of vitamin D?

A. The immune system

B. The intestines

C. Teeth

D. Bones

E. The heart

F. All of the above require Vitamin D.

  1. The darker your skin, the more time you have to spend in the sun to get enough vitamin D.




  1. False (1 point). The rays of natural sunlight that produce vitamin D cannot go through glass, therefore you cannot receive vitamin D through a window.
  2. True (1 point). Research has found that people with low levels of vitamin D in the blood were twice as likely to suffer premature death than those with an adequate level.
  3. D. (3 points). Down’s Syndrome is NOT caused by a vitamin D deficiency, though children with Down’s could have a D deficit. A, B, and C are all true:A. Studies show that time spent in the sun each day can cut your risk for breast cancer in half.
    B. Research also indicates a relationship between multiple sclerosis and vitamin D deficiency.
    C. Pregnant women with vitamin D deficiency are twice as likely to have children with language difficulties.
  4. F. All of the above (2 points). It’s hard to think of an aspect of your body’s functioning that is NOT affected by vitamin D! Some people are surprised to learn that calcium does little to help your bones or teeth if you aren’t getting Vitamin D for teeth strengthening. Vitamin D starts the development of calcitriol, which is a hormone regulating calcium levels in the body. It thus triggers the development of bones and teeth. Calcitriol also allows the intestines to absorb calcium.
  5. True. (1 point). Melanin is what makes skin dark but it also protects you from the sun’s rays. That’s why it takes more sunlight to get enough vitamin D when your skin contains more melanin.  


7-8 points: You’re an Expert!

Congratulations, because if you got 7-8 points, then you must be an expert on vitamin D! We hope you are as active in pursuing good health as you are knowledgeable about it! (Don’t forget to go out and get some sunshine!)

5-6 points: You are Knowledgeable!

You know a good deal about vitamin D for teeth already, and we hope that this quiz helped you to learn even more about the amazing qualities of this powerful vitamin.

1-4 points: You’re Learning!

If you got 1-4 points, then this quiz was a great opportunity to learn some incredible facts about vitamin D. We hope you enjoyed it!

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