Why Go to a Faculty Dental Practice?

Friday, November 16, 2018
Why Go to a Faculty Dental Practice?

Enjoy Care From Faculty at One of the World’s Best Dental Schools

If you’ve been searching for a new dental provider, you may be wondering how a practice can guarantee you’ll receive the best quality of care. One strategy is to seek services at a faculty dental practice, where you know that the quality of care is backed by a reputable educational institution. A faculty dental practice is a venue for faculty members of a dental school to provide services in a private dental office setting. At Penn Dental Family Practice, we operate alongside of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine while remaining affiliated with it.

There are many reasons why patients choose to receive care at our practice. Ultimately, these reasons go back to the basic concern of credibility and quality of care. Going to a faculty dental practice (especially when it is associated with a highly reputable institution) provides a measure of certainty about the excellence of care being offered. Here are five reasons why our patients prefer this dental care option:

  • Expertise
    Penn Dental Family Practice features dentists who serve at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital and Dental School, as well as the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Our dental faculty are highly trained and qualified within their fields. As they teach the next generation of dentists at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, they must stay up to date about advancements within the field, so they can transmit relevant knowledge to their students.
  • Experience
    At a faculty dental practice, you will receive care from highly experienced providers. Our faculty are at the forefront of their various specialties. Read more about our team to see that most of our dentists have specialized certifications, awards, and many years of experience in their field.
  • Reputation
    A primary reason why many patients choose Penn Dental Family Practice is our reputation, which is tied to that of the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. As an Ivy League institution and one of the top 20 dental schools internationally (2018), the University of Pennsylvania is a highly selective employer. At PDFP, you’ll receive treatment from one of the best dental schools in the world.
  • Comprehensive Care
    Faculty dental practices tend to provide a wide variety of services because they can draw on dental professionals from many specialties. Our comprehensive care patients allow you to receive all your treatment at one location. While you might initially come to our office in order to receive your annual dental cleaning, you’ll be able to stay at our office if you need to see a specialist. Our many specialties include:

    • Pediatric dentistry
    • Endodontics
    • Periodontics
    • Dental implants
    • Cosmetic dentistry
    • Orthodontics
    • Oral surgery
    • And more
  • Dental technology
    Another excellent feature of a faculty practice is having access to resources associated with the dental school, especially state-of-the-art dental technologies. PDFP boasts a wide selection of superior dental technologies, including computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided design. These tools allow us to make customized orthodontic treatments and dental restorations to the most precise degree possible. PDFP also uses an iTero scanner, a revolutionary dental technology in the diagnosis and treatment of dental conditions. An iTero scanner utilizes three-dimensional models that have algorithms built in to improve the accuracy of imaging.

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