What Can a Teeth Whitening Dentist Do For You?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019
What Can a Teeth Whitening Dentist Do For You?

These teeth whitening methods will add new vitality to your smile!

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like with a bright white Hollywood smile?

Thanks to modern dentistry, everyone can have a beautiful smile. Cosmetic whitening procedures are affordable enough to make this possible for anyone who wants to update their look. A teeth whitening dentist can help you to achieve the clean, bright smile you’ve always wanted with a safe and effective treatment!

What Affects the Color of Our Teeth?

Teeth whitening treatment removes discoloration to give you whiter, brighter-looking teeth. A variety of factors can cause teeth to look stained or darkened. Each tooth is protected by a white, hard outer layer called enamel. Under the enamel is a yellow layer called the dentin. The appearance of your teeth largely depends on the thickness of your enamel.

A combination of genetics and wear can cause enamel to erode, exposing the yellow color of dentin beneath. Pores in the enamel can also hold onto stains, especially if you’re a heavy consumer of certain products, such as tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine, or dark soda. Whitening treatment gives your smile a new start by bleaching the teeth with a teeth whitening product.

What Teeth Whitening Methods Are Available?

There are two main options for whitening the teeth: at-home and in-office. If you are using a dentist-approved product, you can be confident of the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. We highly recommend talking to your cosmetic dentist before you consider buying an over-the-counter treatment. These options tend to be of lower quality.

During your consultation with the dentist, you can explore whether the at-home or in-office option is suitable for you. In either case, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a proven product!

With at-home whitening, also known as dental trays, you’ll apply a low concentration whitener to your teeth over a period of seven to ten days. You should consider this more extended treatment if you have deep staining, trauma to the teeth, or sensitivity. Because the at-home product is lower-intensity, this is a good option if you’re concerned about sensitive gums. On the other hand, receiving treatment at the dentist’s office can give you the security of safety measures that guard you against exposure.

In-office whitening typically takes a single session that lasts an hour and a half. According to the American Dental Association, teeth whitening products are composed mainly of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The higher concentration of whitening used in-office requires special precautions to protect the lips and gums. Your teeth whitening dentist may use several protective methods, including:

  • Fluoride
  • Desensitizing pastes to harden the enamel
  • Soft or rubber dams, for covering the gums
  • Cheek retractors, to protect sensitive oral tissues

Why Choose Penn Dental Family Practice?

If you want the best teeth whitening experience possible, you should find a reputable provider! Penn Dental Family Practice is a leader in the dental industry and brings deep institutional expertise to bear on all types of treatment. Our affordable teeth whitening prices, quality care, and friendly environment make us a preferred cosmetic dentist for individuals and families. You won’t find a higher standard for professionalism and dedication to excellence that surpasses our practice!

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