Family Friendly Cosmetic Dentistry

Monday, May 11, 2020
Family Friendly Cosmetic Dentistry

Certain ages and stages typically require different types of cosmetic dentistry. While a child may be ready for braces to achieve a straighter smile, a mature person may seek dental implants or veneers to improve the appearance of missing teeth or other smile imperfections.

At Penn Dental Family Practice, we offer comprehensive family cosmetic dentistry. From preschoolers to grandparents (and every phase of life in between), the entire family can take advantage of professional and convenient cosmetic dental options: from orthodontics to teeth whitening, and so much more.

A One-Stop-Family-Shop for Cosmetic Dentistry in Philadelphia

With full lives and limited time, having a family cosmetic dentist to rely upon makes all the difference in the world. Rather than having to schedule separate appointments across town and on different days, Penn Dental Family Practice dentists address the cosmetic dental needs of all family members—in one convenient location.

People often initially think about cosmetic dentistry in terms of procedures that produce a beautiful smile. And, while this certainly pertains to cosmetic dentistry, appearance is only one part of the equation. A dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry can also help improve the function of your mouth, teeth, and jaw.

Whether a smile makeover is for aesthetic reasons, to repair functional issues, or both, cosmetic dental solutions provide a pathway toward improved self-esteem.

Examples of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Depending on the needs of specific family members, there are several options available under the umbrella of cosmetic dental procedures.

Common cosmetic dentistry services include:

  • A family cosmetic dentist helps a hispanic man in a green shirt match his natural tooth color for veneers.Orthodontics
    Orthodontics addresses the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of issues such as teeth crowding, improper jaw alignment, protruding teeth, and extra spaces or gaps between the teeth. Traditional braces with wires and brackets may be used to correct these orthodontic issues. Invisalign clear aligners are an additional option for qualifying patients who prefer removable trays over traditional braces.
  • Dental Implants
    Missing teeth can lead to several dental problems, including a greater probability of gum disease. Dental implants can help reduce the risk of declining oral health and additional dental problems. These replacements for missing teeth anchor the existing teeth and prevent the jaw from misalignment. Dental implants are secured into the jawbone with a strong metal post, topped with a prosthetic designed to match your existing teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening
    Over time, teeth become stained from the foods and drinks we consume. And, while some over-the-counter teeth whitening products may offer improvement, professional teeth whitening often produces better results. At PDFP our teeth whitening systems typically brighten teeth from five to seven shades lighter! We offer both in-office teeth whitening procedures and take-home teeth whitening kits. A visit with your dentist will confirm which option is best for you.
  • Crowns and Veneers
    Both crowns and veneers are dental restorations that cover the tooth—a crown covers the whole tooth, while a veneer covers a portion of the tooth. Usually composed of ceramic or porcelain, crowns and veneers can help improve chipped, cracked, crooked, and discolored teeth.
  • Composite Bonding
    Tooth bonding is a cosmetic dental approach that involves applying a tooth-colored composite to a damaged area of the tooth. If a tooth is chipped, your dentist can utilize a special gel as an adhesive for the bonding material. The tooth-colored composite is then applied and shaped to match the natural look of your tooth. As the last step, an ultraviolet light hardens and seals the material to the tooth.

The Benefits of Choosing a Skilled Cosmetic Dentist

Choosing a dentist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry gives you the added assurance of quality and optimal results. At Penn Dental Family Practice, our dentists are highly-skilled and experienced in providing patients with a variety of cosmetic dental care options, at prices they can afford.

This means that we take the time to find the perfect, customized treatment plans to produce natural and beautiful outcomes—for everyone in the family. We don’t believe in simply producing beautiful, healthy smiles; we also strive to help each family member to feel comfortable and safe!

If you would like to learn more about how cosmetic dentistry works, check out our informative, easy-to-read fact sheet. Or, if you’re ready to choose Penn Dental Family medicine as your family-friendly cosmetic dentistry, please give us a call at 215-898-7337.