Health Benefits of Braces - It’s Not Just About the Smile

Monday, July 25, 2016
Health Benefits of Braces - It’s Not Just About the Smile

Straight teeth go beyond just a dazzling smile – found out how!

When it comes to the health benefits of braces – we tend to focus on the cosmetic side of it all. I’m sure that we all understand that braces, whether traditional or Invisalign, create a beautiful, seamless smile for many people all around the world.

What if we told you that having straight teeth not only is an attractive aspect of who you are, but it also serves as a tool for an all-around healthy mouth and body? Let us explain..

Straight Teeth Prevent Diseases Beyond Periodontitis

health-benefits-of-bracesWhat if we told you that having a straighter smile can help prevent heart disease, or assist in managing preventable diseases such as diabetes? Well, that IS what we are telling you!

The bottom line is that having straight teeth makes it easier to keep your teeth clean. When you have crooked areas in the mouth, food is more likely to get trapped in those areas. When this happens, you can’t clean appropriately, and debris and plaque become a part of the area turning into an infection called periodontal disease, or periodontitis.


Having straight teeth now only allows an easier time of brushing and flossing – it also helps keep preventable disease at bay. According to the American Diabetes Association in 2012, 29.1 million Americans had diabetes.

Research shows that those who have diabetes are more susceptible to infections – which is where periodontal disease can come into full force. Unfortunately, those who are diabetic with periodontal disease have a harder time keeping their blood sugar at a healthy level than those who don’t have perio disease. Having straight teeth may not prevent diabetes completely, but it aids in having easier access to keep your gums and teeth clean of debris.

Heart Disease

Scientists believe that periodontal disease, which is an active infection, cause inflammation and creating issues within the heart. Periodontal disease may also exacerbate existing heart conditions as well – requiring antibiotics before any dental treatment.


Although the cause of migraines don’t boil down to TMJ issues – some still do. In America, about 38 million people suffer from migraines. Migraines can be contributed by many different things, including diet and TMJ. Fortunately for those who suffer from TMJ, there is treatment available and that includes orthodontics. Due to a person’s bite, braces may be recommended to help decrease the amount of pressure applied to one’s jaw, which helps to preserve the teeth and prevents grinding. Grinding causes migraines in some people.

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