5 Reasons Why You Don’t Have Fresh Breath (And How to Solve Them!)

Monday, September 25, 2017
5 Reasons Why You Don’t Have Fresh Breath (And How to Solve Them!)

Could You Have Bad Breath Without Realizing It?

Got bad breath? Have no fear…Penn Dental Family Practice is here to help with tips so you have fresh breath all year round!

Everyone wants to make a good impression when they meet someone. Bad breath, sadly, can rob you of that positive reaction and you may not even realize it. Worse yet, bad breath is a sign that something may be wrong in your body, so it’s important to consider the cause when going about treating it.

Reason 1: Bacteria. A common cause of bad breath is the bacteria that breed in your mouth. They hang out between your teeth and on your tongue, giving off a stinky odor!

Solution: A simple brush and floss can do wonders for bad breath in this circumstance. Brushing should be thorough but not too rigorous if you have delicate gums. You can also buy a tongue scraper if you notice a yellow layer on your teeth. Mouthwash can be added for extra power!

Reason 2: Smelly food. like onions and garlic can be silent killers. When the food particles remain in your mouth, people will be able to smell it when you breathe out. Strong smelling foods travel through your system as chemicals in the bloodstream, which you then breathe out from your lungs. Double-whammy!

Solution: After you eat, be sure to brush and floss to loosen the hidden food bits. This will also prevent bacteria from taking up residence as they feed on the remaining food.

Reason 3: Tummy trouble. Intestinal issues, such as an ulcer or acid reflux can cause bad smells when you burp or pass gas.

Solution: Take antacids. An acid blocker may help an acidic stomach. Also, consider other digestive problems such as that you could be lactose intolerant, in which case you should take lactase tablets whenever you eat dairy. Yogurt also offers a great source of probiotics to boost the good bacteria and take down the bacteria causing your bad breath.

Reason 4: A virus. We’re talking about the common cold, not necessarily anything serious. Oftentimes you can smell a virus in someone’s breath right as they’re starting to feel the symptoms.

Solution. Unfortunately, most people just have to get through the cold before their breath returns to normal again. High vitamin C intake, staying warm, and drinking green tea or other herbal teas are ways you can boost your immune system and feel better sooner!

Reason 5: A cavity. A study by the ADA revealed that 90% of halitosis (the clinical term for bad breath) is due to tooth decay. Learn about other causes here.

Solution. If you have tried reasons 1-4 without success, schedule a visit with your dentist. A radiography will be taken of your teeth to check if there are any cavities. From there, your dentist will proceed with a treatment plan that’s best for you. Get an appointment with the caring dentists at Penn Dental Family Practice today by calling 215-898-PDFP.

On August 6, we want you to celebrate National Fresh Breath Day in the best way possible—by having great breath yourself. Try these tips to keep yourself smelling–and feeling– fresh all year round!