Discover our Dental Implant Center for Expert, Complex Care

Friday, December 18, 2020
Discover our Dental Implant Center for Expert, Complex Care

The pandemic has presented challenges for everyone, including those stuck at home and unable to get the dental care they need. Whether it’s missing or broken teeth or other dental conditions that continue to progress, implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement. At Penn Dental Family Practice, we’re preparing to launch a dental implant center that will address these problems through sophisticated, quality care.

An Added Value for Local Providers

There are many well-trained providers delivering implant surgery in the Philadelphia area, including Penn graduates. Our aim is to be a resource for providers in the area who encounter challenging or complex cases.

When a dentist comes upon a case they’re not comfortable treating, the Faculty Practice Comprehensive Implant Center can offer cutting-edge dental implant care and support. Challenging cases might include patients who are experiencing problems with their current implants or who needed an implant replacement years ago.

As many of our staff are faculty dentists at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, no one is better trained to manage complex, comprehensive implant needs. The center will handle every level of dental implant care, including:

  • Simple cosmetic treatments
  • Front tooth/teeth issues (alignment, gaps, etc.)
  • Full-mouth reconstruction
  • Previously-installed implants with problems

We offer the best possible solutions to patients and providers, whether that involves front teeth, multiple missing teeth, or other replacement problems.

Who Works at the Center?

Due to the advanced nature of the treatment, the dentists on staff at PDFP will be providing services at the dental implant center.

As a multispecialty practice, we bring together the most highly trained, competent dental professionals, some of whom are training the next generation of dentists. Our comprehensive care model seeks to bring about the best possible outcomes for patients. By streamlining communication across specialty areas, we can help patients achieve better overall oral health. For example, a patient might come in to see a periodontist for gum disease, who then adds a prosthodontist or oral surgeon to the patient’s care team to address tooth loss issues.

What Makes Penn Dental Family Practice Different?

Patients choose Penn Dental Family Practice because of the people. With more than 100 years of combined clinical experience, we’ve treated a great many conditions. We’ve performed tens of thousands of implant and dental prosthetic surgeries that have allowed patients to experience what it’s like to have a full set of teeth again.

Because we operate in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, we have access to the most cutting-edge technologies in the field of dentistry today. Our in-house laboratory and imaging capabilities allow us to create customized restorations (implants, crowns, etc.) based on highly accurate diagnostic imaging. These technologies both accelerate treatment times and improve the precision of treatment.

By adhering to the highest standards of patient care, the Comprehensive Implant Center will offer invaluable support not only to patients but also to local doctors struggling to treat a difficult case.

Keeping You Safe at PDFP

With the pandemic in play for months, many people haven’t had the time or energy to go to the dentist. That might be because they are busy caring for children doing virtual school, or because they are furloughed or unemployed and don’t have benefits. For one reason or another, they’ve had to put off getting care.

Patients may also be worried about infection control and how practices keep their patients and staff safe. At Penn Dental Family Practice, we remain at the forefront of infection control. We’re writing the protocols for other dentists on how to practice in a way that ensures the safety of everyone who walks through their doors. Our stringent protocols and sterilization practices give patients the peace of mind that they’re safer at the dentist’s office than they would be almost anywhere else.

We expect a Spring 2021 launch for our Faculty Practice Comprehensive Implant Center. Stay tuned for more updates!

In the meantime, feel free to educate yourself with our free resources on dental implants. You can also call 215-898-8965 to schedule an appointment at our dental school.